Denver Independent Escort
Denver Independent Escort

Do you enjoy what you do?

Absolutely! I always try to pursue something I'm passionate about and this "slice of life" has afforded me so many jaw-dropping experiences and memorable connections.

Emily Hunter, Independent Escort

Are your photos accurate?

In truth, I am told that my photos do not do me justice. I take pride in my physique and appearance and do photoshoots a few times per year. You're welcome to peek at my Twitter page for some recent selfies & new photos as they are published.

Denver Luxury Companion

Can you make a trip to visit me?

What fun! Perhaps you'll show me around a new place? Or hide away in a familiar neighborhood? Simply inquire for minimums. As a general rule, any fly-me-to-you travel request must be equal to (or greater than) the round-trip duration plus airfare & hotel costs. I do fly first-class for domestic flights and first or business class for international flights. A deposit will be required before reserving my time and making the reservations.

Can you meet me for a late-night appointment?

Beauty sleep is important to me and I try to wind down at a reasonable hour - 10pm seems to be a good time to conclude an appointment.

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Do you see couples?

Absolutely! I find the dynamic refreshing. Please submit screening information for both of you when making the request. I suggest a minimum of 2 hours so we can all enjoy.

What do you expect from our date?

The Golden Rule applies. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Durations 3hrs or greater do require an outside activity. Dinner. Drinks. Small bite. Activity. Whatever we enjoy.

Overnights imply that I sleep for 7 hours. I stay awake until 11pm or so, give or take an hour. And a strong cup of coffee in the morning is always appreciated!

Extended trips require that I am able to have access to healthy eating options and a gym. I also require 2 hours of solo time per day. Typically, I utilize that time to workout or just zen-out.

What is your favorite drink?

I live by the grape! I usually prefer a dry white wine like Sancerre, Chablis, Sauvignon Blanc but also love snuggling up with a glass of red wine, especially when it’s chilly outside. Other drinks include herbal and green tea daily.

What is your favorite food?

Good food is good food. I can be as easily satiated at hole-in-the-wall dive as I can at a Michelin starred restaurant. Steak. Sushi. Italian. Plant based. Spicy. I love it all.

Do you accept attire requests?

My personal style is feminine and classic with an unpretentious vibe. I love getting ready with smooth dewy skin, perfect manicure, natural makeup and silky hair.

Attire requests are at my discretion. I always dress for the occasion (where we meet and time of day) and never draw unwanted attention. It’s always better to turn heads than raise eyebrows.

What do you consider fun date activities?

Colorado is a beautiful place for outdoor activities. I adore hiking, picnics and winter sports - or we could just skip directly to the apres ski hot tub. Indoors, I love a good museum, Broadway performances, a well-reviewed restaurant, afternoon tea, spa days, professional sports, live jazz, comedy clubs, etc. Or perhaps you can share your passion with me?